Spy Photos of XPeng’s New SUV Leaked

Chinese automotive industry blogger nicknamed “Auto Shooter Arui” said on Thursday that he had taken a group of covert road test photos of XPeng‘s new vehicle model. This model is positioned as a medium-sized SUV, referred to by its internal code name “F30.” The vehicle, which may eventually be named the “G5,” is expected to be unveiled in 2023.

The spy photo of the new model (Source: Auto Shooter Arui)

He Xiaopeng, the founder of XPeng Motors, said in a previous interview that the company plans to launch a new car in both the enterprise and individual consumer markets in 2023, which will use die-casting technology.

The blogger also said that next year, XPeng will launch another MPV model code-named “H93.”

As for the die-casting technology, Tesla once showcased a large die-casting piece of 130 kg, which was die-cast by a super stamping machine. The biggest difference with traditional models is that the lower part of the vehicle has been simplified into one or several parts, down from more than 70 components before.

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Fewer parts mean more efficient installation and welding processes, and fewer tasks requiring robotic arms. For car companies, efficiency is improved and manufacturing costs are reduced. However, it may greatly increase the vehicle maintenance cost in the future.