SpeedBot Robotics Secures B Round of Financing Worth $44.4M

SpeedBot Robotics announced on July 20 that it had completed a round B of financing totaling 300 million yuan ($44.4 million), which was exclusively led by Matrix Partners.

Founded in 2018, SpeedBot Robotics is a 3D vision technology and industrial intelligence software provider. It focues on 3D vision algorithms and industrial-grade system software capabilities.

The company earlier launched its “AI + 3D Vision + 3D LiDAR” intelligent automatic loading vehicle system which can automatically load and unload and adapt to a variety of environments. The system is  also able to identify smart vehicle identification, automatically palletize goods, plan truss/industrial robot trajectories and avoid obstacles, all of which contributes to a workflow that greatly improves the efficiency of loading and unloading goods.

At present, many of its core product offerings have been adopted by customers in the logistics and automobile industries. From core algorithms to software systems, the company helps transform factories and manufacturing operations into a seamless whole.

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Deng Wenping, Chairman and CEO of SpeedBot Robotics, said: “After this round of financing, the company will build a ‘digital twin + cloud native’ industrial intelligent software platform for agile development, visual testing, rapid deployment and continuous operation and maintenance. It will continuous to use technological innovation to accelerate its intelligent production lines in various industries, reduce costs, and build well-used and affordable intelligent production lines for more enterprises.”