Source Code Capital Announces Addition of Zheng Yunduan as Partner and Wei Lai as Ecological Partner

Source Code Capital announced on Tuesday that Zheng Yunduan has joined the company in the role of partner, as well as CHO in charge of organizational construction and related entrepreneurial services. On December 7, the company announced it would invite Wei Lai as an ecological partner. Wei Lai is responsible for ecological cooperation, especially intelligent manufacturing and AR/VR.

Zheng has been engaged in human resources management for 24 years, and has worked for multinational companies and local enterprises. Zheng once served as the chief talent officer for KE Holdings, Qihoo 360 Technology Co., Ltd., and China Fortune Land Development Co., Ltd., as the consultant for Vanke Group, and the co-founder and head of human resources department of Xiaoyaoyao Pharmaceutical Tech Company.

Zheng once worked for Procter & Gamble Company (P&G), Royal Dutch Shell and Temasek Holdings. He has previously studied and worked in Beijing, Tianjin, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, as well as the U.S., Singapore and Switzerland.

Wei Lai is one of the earliest internet entrepreneurs in China. He jointly established Sina News, and once served as deputy editor-in-chief of, vice president of Huai Tech, vice president of markets in At Xiaomi, Wei served as special assistant to the chairman and director of the General Office, and contributed significantly to organizational upgrades, management process construction, strategy formulation and implementation plans. Wei holds an MPA degree from Harvard Kennedy School.

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Since its establishment in 2014, aimed at promoting high-tech innovation, helping SMEs, enriching a better life and facilitating green development, Source Code Capital has invested in over 300 startups in industries such as industrial digitization, artificial intelligence, robotics, advanced manufacturing, green development, enterprise software, life sciences, new consumption and new brands, and overseas development, of which 80% are early-stage startups.

Up to now, the funds managed by Source Code Capital, combining those in Chinese yuan and U.S. dollars, total 35 billion yuan.