Some Chinese E-Sports Competitions Announce Age Restrictions in Response to Policy Shift

China’s National Press and Publication Administration issued a notice recently to further strengthen management and effectively prevent minors from overindulging in online games. At present, some e-sports competitions have also begun to limit the age of contestants.

For example, the Peace Elite Professional League (PEL) announced that it will carry out compliance work regarding the age of its contestants.

Moreover, the King Pro League (KPL) Competition Committee for the game Honor of Kings announced on September 1 an age limit adjustment for the KPL and KGL, which requires players to be at least 18 years old before participating. At the same time, all procedures for talent shows and changes of club will be reset. Previously, contestants above 16 were allowed to participate in the KPL.

Meanwhile, TJSports announced on Tuesday that in order to actively respond to the latest national policy, the firm is making adjustments in terms of players’ age compliance, while the schedule of some competitions may be adjusted.

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TJ Sports is a sports operation company jointly founded by Tencent Interactive Entertainment and Riot Games, with a registered capital of 530 million yuan ($81.96 million). Both of the two companies are focused on the construction and operation of the e-sports ecology by setting up a special team for e-sports.