Sohu Launches Huyou And Joins China’s Social Media War

Sohu CEO Charles Zhang announced on June 9 the launch of Sohu’s new social media app named “Huyou” (lit. Fox Friends). The app has been independently developed for over a year before its official launch on Sunday.

Headquartered in Beijing, the Chinese Internet company and its subsidiaries offer a variety of services including a search engine, advertising, news, online multiplayer gaming and more.

Charles Zhang, Sohu CEO
Charles Zhang, Sohu CEO (Source: Sohu weibo)

Zhang explained that the company’s most popular news and video services are the present, and that the new social media app represents Sohu’s future. He is convinced that social media products will bring about exponential growth in terms of user volume and activity, which is why the company is placing significant emphasis on its development.

“Presently, Sohu has a very clear business model. Our next steps are to develop better products and attain more users. And to do that, social media is a great place to start,” Zhang said. He added that he understands both the difficulties of offering a great social media service and the causes that have led to the downfall of others.

website of the Huyou app
website of the Huyou app

The constant change in China’s social media ecosystem is inseparable from the development of new technology. Three months ago, three new social media apps were launched simultaneously in China, namely Chat Bao, Duoshan, and Matong, threatening the Chinese social app giant WeChat. Now Sohu is joining the fray with Huyou and trying to have a slice of the cake as well.

To combat other social apps already circling around in China, Zhang said that Huyou has its own highlights and characteristics to differentiate itself from others. He explained that Huyou will never have any advertising, suggestions or recommendations to its users, so that users’ timelines will be filled only with their own social circles. “User activity will rely solely on self interest, never on anything else.”

The company CEO also hinted that its video services will be shifting their focus towards short videos in the near future as well.

Featured Image Source: Sohu weibo