Sogou CEO Cries Tears of Happiness at NYSE Listing

Sogou was listed for trade on the New York Stock Exchange on the evening of November 9. Charles Zhang, Sogou’s shareholder and Sohu’s founder, and Sogou CEO Wang Xiaochuan spoke on the occasion.

Zhang said he was happy to work with Sogou and that November 9 marked a milestone. He said he missed the golden era of search engine development, but he worked with Wang since 2003 to tackle the challenge.

Sogou now has a Chinese input method product, which is used 90 billion times per day, Zhang said. The company also has machine learning and AI technology, and in the future it expect to redefine the search engine and expand human intelligence.

Wang thanked Zhang before going on to speak about his mother. He said it had been 21 years since he moved to Beijing in 1996. Although he said he had done well, he criticized himself for being capricious and not paying enough attention to his family. Wang was choked by tears during his speech.

“I feel very sad when I remember the colleagues who have left us. I feel I should have done more, but we are happy together. Even if some have left, they’re still chasing their dreams,” Wang said.

At the bell-ringing ceremony, Sogou presented the NYSE with a a Sogou01 robot dressed in Tang suit.

Sogou shares rose by $1.85, or 3.15 percent, to $60.55. The company is currently valued at $2.28 billion.

This article originally appeared in Donews and was translated by Pandaily.