Social Metaverse Platform Soul Showcases Ling OS and NAWA Engine

As an advocate for social metaverse development in China, Tencent-backed platform Soul presented its two latest intelligent technology achievements – Ling OS and NAWA Engine – at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC) on September 1 in Shanghai.

Soul is a generation-Z social platform based on interest mapping. It was launched in 2016 and is headquartered in Shanghai. At the beginning of 2021, the platform first proposed to build a social metaverse, devoting itself to the deployment of a global metaverse portal.

Ling OS is an intelligent recommendation system based on user portraits in Soul. It makes use of data and algorithms to mine effective features, improve users’ consumption and interactive experiences, as well as to shore up the efficiency and quality of social relationship establishment.

Multiple business scenarios in Soul form massive amounts of user behavior data. Ling OS integrates the user portrait system of multiple scenarios, thus solving the problem of isolated information.

NAWA Engine, on the other hand, is derived from Soul’s own imaging and graphics rendering technology and artistic design ability. It is an integrated SDK integrating AI, rendering and image signal processing. At the same time, a matching editor is developed for personalized production.

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Soul’s current layout in the metaverse industry mainly includes three aspects. First, based on AR and 3D avatar, it helps users build virtual avatars. The second is to use AI and data analysis technology of the platform to continuously improve information identification and user marking functions, so that users can get to know their most suitable partners. Third, NLP (natural language processing) technology plays a key role in auditing, risk control and recommendation. In addition, in order to further enhance the interactive experience, Soul is still exploring and storing cloud virtualization technologies.