SMIC Executive VP and Core Technician Zhou Meisheng Retires

Shanghai-based computer chip firm Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC), announced late Thursday that Zhou Meisheng, Executive Vice President of Technology Research & Development and a core technician of the company, has retired.

SMIC pointed out in the announcement that the company’s technology R&D work is proceeding normally, and that Zhou Meisheng’s retirement will not have a significant adverse impact on the company’s operations. In addition, Jin Da and Yan Dayong have now been identified as the core technical personnel of the company.

Before joining SMIC, Zhou Meisheng served as Chief Technologist of Lam Research in China. Previously, she served as Vice President of SMIC’s R&D Center, and worked at Chartered Semiconductor and TSMC. Since 2017, she has served as Executive Vice President of Technology Research & Development at SMIC.

The company said that the patents applied for during Zhou’s tenure were not patents of a single inventor and were all service inventions. The patents’ ownership belongs to the company, preventing any potential disputes, and her departure from the job will not affect the integrity of the company’s patent rights.

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As for the two newly added core technicians, the company said in the announcement that Jin Da is currently Vice President of SMIC. Jin joined the company in 2003, and has held technical and management positions in various R&D and production departments of the company. He brings rich experience in developing integrated circuit process technology.

Yan Dayong is also currently Vice President of the company, having joined SMIC in July of 2005. He has served as the manager and director of the company’s process integration department, the senior director and Vice President of Characteristic Process R&D, and has many years of experience in process integration and characteristic process technology.