Smart Chip Company CIX Completes Pre-A Round of Financing

On July 19, Chinese smart chip company CIX announced the completion of a Pre-A round of financing. It was jointly led by NIO Capital and Qiming Venture Partners, and was followed by several others including Casstar, BAI Capital, Costone Capital, Harvest Fund, Oriza Puhua, and Sky9 Capital. The funds are earmarked for R&D team expansion and the speeding up of the company’s market layout and ecological construction.

Since February this year, CIX has completed three rounds of angel financing with investors including Lenovo Capital & Incubator Group, Qiming Venture Partners, Sky9 Capital, Oriza Puhua and Winsoul Capital. Together with this financing, CIX has completed a total financing worth $100 million.

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Founded in October 2021, CIX focuses on the R&D of general-use intelligent computer chips, and is committed to developing intelligent computing solutions compatible with Arm instruction sets.

The company says its most important goal now is to create its first chip, commercialize it within the next 1-2 years, and then gradually expand new product lines and application scenarios. Its first computer CPU is currently at the engineering design stage. CIX expects to release its first product in 2023 and deliver it to customers all over the world.

The Arm SoC chip starts from terminal applications such as personal computers, tablets and intelligent consoles, and will gradually expand to the fields of edge computing and cloud computing in the future. Its goal is to build an intelligent and low-power complete computing platform.