Sky Semiconductor Receives Several Hundred Million Yuan in B Round Financing

Xiamen Sky Semiconductor, a company dedicates to 5G RF device packaging and integration technology, announced on Monday that it had completed a B round of financing worth several hundred million yuan, with investors including CLP CICC, Jinpu New Emerging Industry Equity Investment Fund Partnership, Delian Capital, Xiamen Venture Capital, TEDA Holding and Yinxinggu Capital.

According to the company, this financing will mainly be used for the construction of the Sky Semiconductor Phase II mass production line, which will accelerate the company from product design and development to mass production.

Sky Semiconductor was established in July 2018. It has developed many high level technologies including Through Glass Vias (TGV) technology, providing OEM services for nearly 100 global customers.

Phase I of the company’s factory is located in Haicang District of China’s eastern city of Xiamen, with an area of 4,500 square meters and a 4-inch and 6-inch wafer-level packaging (WLP) production capacity of 8,000 pieces per month, which has been put into mass production. The 24,000-square-meter factory building in Phase II is currently under construction. After the latter is put into use, the company will have a full range of WLP capabilities from 4 inches and 6 inches to 8 inches and 12 inches.

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The Sky Semiconductor Phase II mass production line is mainly positioned for services such as surface acoustic wave (SAW) and bulk acoustic wave (BAW) 3D packaging, TGV technology and wafer-level system integration. The company’s products are widely used in mobile terminals such as smartphones, 5G base stations, automated driving, satellites and optical communications.