Sinovation Ventures Chairman Kai-Fu Lee Comments on ChatGPT

On March 14, Kai-Fu Lee, Chairman and CEO of Sinovation Ventures, a venture capital firm, first talked about ChatGPT and made a prediction about the AI 2.0 era.

Lee was Google’s global vice president and president of Greater China. During his tenure as Microsoft’s global vice president, he founded Microsoft Research Asia. He also has served well-known technology companies such as Apple and SGI.

Lee pointed out that after the major breakthrough in deep learning, AI has come to an inflection point from 1.0 to 2.0. AI 2.0 will bring platform-based changes, rewrite users’ portals and interfaces, and give birth to a new platform to promote the research, development and commercialization of applications.

The AI 1.0 mentioned by Lee is a computer vision technology with convolutional neural network model as the core, which kicked off the era of AI perceptual intelligence. Machines began to surpass human beings in the fields of computer vision and natural language understanding technology, and thus created remarkable value.

With the development of AI 1.0, the industry has encountered bottlenecks. When most industries want to use AI, they need to spend huge sum of money in order to collect and label data even these same data sets and other similar models lack longitudinal efficiency. This has led most AI 1.0 enterprises to invest a lot into research and development funds, but they still lose money. Fortunately, AI 2.0 breaks through the limitations of AI 1.0 in both single domain and multiple models, and can train a basic model with cross-domain knowledge with super massive data without manual annotation.

Lee pointed out that the first application of the AI 2.0 era is AIGC which can realize self-supervised learning without annotation.

Based on this, Lee proposed that AI 2.0 will accelerate the ignition of commercial potential in six major fields: e-commerce/advertising, film and television/entertainment, search engines, metaverse/games, finance and medical care. He is also optimistic about the three major investment opportunities for AI 2.0 intelligent applications, platforms and infrastructures. Sinovation Ventures will help China lead the world in this golden decade of artificial intelligence as it has already invested in Langboat, a large language model developer in China that has launched a ChatGPT-like model named MChat.

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In the end, Lee reminded that in the future, AI may have hidden dangers of monopolization and information fraud, while challenging the need for humans to do repetitive work. But he still believed that AI 2.0 does not mean that general artificial intelligence (AGI) comes, adding that human beings have many innate key abilities, such as creativity, strategic thinking, cross-disciplinary common sense, self-awareness, empathy and love, which cannot be completely replicated by AI 2.0.