Short Video Viewership in China Exceeds One Billion

On March 2, a report released by the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) showed that as of December 2022, the number of people in the country who watched short videos exceeded one billion for the first time, and the utilization rate was as high as 94.8%.

During the five years from 2018 to 2022, the number of short video viewers increased from 648 million to 1.012 billion, with over 60 million new viewers each year. In 2019 and 2020, there were over 100 million new viewers annually, in part due to factors such as the effects of COVID-19, increased access to technology, and the growth of short video platforms.

The rich content of short videos drives viewership growth and retention. Short videos are also seamlessly integrated into livestreaming, e-commerce, education, tourism, and many other industries, gradually penetrating everyday life. According to data from IT Juzi, a business information service provider, the short video industry completed 14 funding events in the first 11 months of last year, raising about 1.016 billion yuan ($147 million).

According to CNNIC’s report, as of December 2022, the number of internet users in China reached 1.067 billion, an increase of 35.49 million compared with December 2021. The total number of 5G base stations in China reached 2.31 million, accounting for 21.3% of the total number of mobile base stations, an increase of seven percentage points compared with December 2021.

The COVID-19 epidemic led to a rapid rise of remote work. As of December last year, the number of remote workers in China reached 540 million, an increase of 70.78 million compared with December 2021, accounting for 50.6% of the country’s total netizens. Data from, a platform for job seekers, showed the proportion of companies in various sectors that allowed working from home during the epidemic period. About 33% of companies in the communication, electronics, and internet sector offered the flexibility of remote work. Over 25% of firms in business services, media, entertainment, and sports industries demonstrated that they agreed with the value of remote work.

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In addition, telehealth services and online medical care standards have improved in recent years. As of December last year, the number of online medical service users in China reached 363 million, an increase of 64.66 million compared with December 2021, accounting for 34.0% of total netizens. Online education and medical service users in rural areas of China accounted for 31.8% and 21.5% of rural netizens, up 2.7 and 4.1 percentage points over the previous year, respectively.