Shenzhou-13 Astronauts Give Second Lecture from Space Station

According to the China Manned Space Engineering Office (CMSEO), Chinese astronauts gave a livestreamed lecture on popular-science, the second class from China’s space station, to students on Earth Wednesday afternoon.

Different from the first live lecture on December 9, 2021, multiple scientific equipment currently aboard the station were displayed, and the three astronauts combined some scientific knowledge in daily life with their research in space.

During the 45-minute lecture, the Shenzhou-13 crew members Zhai Zhigang, Wang Yaping and Ye Guangfu, conducted several scientific experiments in their zero-gravity environment and gave a small tour of some of the science facilities on board.

The experiments involved demonstrations of the crystallization process, surface tension, the separation of water and oil, in addition to momentum in space. In the final experiment, Wang Yaping demonstrated the momentum with Bing Dwen Dwen, the official mascot of the 2022 Winter Olympics.

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During the lecture, the astronauts also fielded student questions in a real-time Q&A via video call. The space lecture was broadcasted by the China Central Television but the primary ground classroom was at the China Science and Technology Museum. Classrooms were also set up in Lhasa in the southwest of China’s Tibet Autonomous Region, and in Urumqi in the northwest of China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.