Shanghai-Based Medtech Firm Biotree Nears $15M in Round-A Funds

Shanghai Biotree Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd. announced on July 15 that it has completed round-A financing, garnering nearly 100 million yuan ($14.79 million). The round featured exclusive investment from Qiming Venture Partners.

Biotree was established in 2012. It focuses on multi-omics research, such as metabolomics and proteomics on human, animal, plant, microorganism and other biological samples. Through its core technologies, research results are transformed into innovative products that can be applied to early screening or diagnosis in clinical and general health. The company specializes in the application of innovative mass spectrometry technologies in life sciences and medical health.

Biotree has established R&D, production and service bases, and has built an advanced detection and analysis platform, such as non-target metabonomics and antibody sequencing.

The firm maintains long-term and stable cooperative relationships with more than 1,500 universities, research institutes, hospitals, pharmaceutical enterprises and food enterprises. Its compound annual growth rate registers 70%.

The fresh funds are mainly to be used for the expansion of Biotree Biological Metabonomics Research Service Instrument Platform, R&D and the production of detection reagents. On the premise of continuing to expand technical advantages in the metabonomics market, Biotree will promote the technical integration of metabonomics and proteomics, accelerate the clinical transformation process of metabonomics products, and promote the rapid development of mass spectrometry in the field of life sciences.

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