Sensor Tower Releases Global Revenue List of Chinese Mobile Game Publishers in June 2022

According to a report released by Sensor Tower on July 11, for the month of June 2022, a total of 38 Chinese manufacturers were listed in the publisher’s Top 100 global mobile game revenue list. In total, these mobile game companies garnered more than $2 billion, accounting for nearly 40% of the total revenue of these 100 developers.

The top 15 publishers on the list are: Tencent, NetEase, miHoYo, 37Games, Lingxi Games, Lilith Games, IM30, Camel Games, Leiting Games, Rivergame, Leyuansu, Yotta Games, IGG and Moonton.

With the introduction of multi-gameplay, the space strategy SLG mobile game Infinite Lagrange brought in a record amount of revenue after 9 months on the market. In June, the title’s revenue increased by 163% month-on-month, ranking eighth in China’s iOS mobile game revenue list, and becoming the second mobile game product owned by NetEase Games in this period.

Although the launch time of version 2.7 was slightly delayed, it did not affect total revenues brought in by Genshin Impact. In June, the mobile revenue of the game increased by 56% month-on-month, and the revenue of miHoYo increased by 42% accordingly, returning to the Top 5 of global mobile game publishers.

In mid-June, Bilibili launched the Korean and English versions of its “Artery Gear Fusion”, together with the Japanese and traditional Chinese versions, making the game the highest-paid mobile game product under the publisher on the list. In the domestic market, the 3D horizontal fighting mobile game “Space Hunter 3”, which went on sale at the end of June, successfully ranked among the Top 10 in China’s iOS mobile game revenue list. Driven by a variety of names, the revenue of publishers in this period surged by 61% month-on-month, returning to a twenty-third place in the revenue list of Chinese mobile game publishers.

Other Chinese game developers who made it onto the list include BOKE Technology, Star Union, Duoyi, JJworld, Yalla Group, YOOZOO Games, Zhangqu Technology and Hero Games, for a total of 38 publishers from China.

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Sensor Tower said that despite the background of scarce approval of game publishing and operation, many games have recently set new revenue records after a long time on the list by launching high-quality content updates and activities, covering SLG, competition, simulation, chess & cards and other categories. Although few new products are on the market, some avenues are experiencing a new wave of growth driven by the continuous investment of mobile game manufacturers.