SenseTime Has Purchased Over 40,000 NVIDIA Chips in the Past Decade

On May 28, SenseTime’s co-founder, Xu Bing, revealed that over the past decade, the company has acquired more than 40,000 NVIDIA chips. The ambitious goal for SenseTime is to turn profitable within the next one to two years.

Xu Bing acknowledged the current deficit in AI computational power in Asia, pointing out a tenfold gap compared to the United States. However, he is optimistic that this gap can be narrowed. He attributes this potential to the swift advancement of domestic chip production and the investment potential of computational power as an asset. If China continues to invest resources and capital into computational power, Xu predicts a gradual reduction in the disparity between China and the US.

Xu also observed that the majority of top talents in the AI industry are currently based in the United States, a situation closely tied to the US’s global dominance in computational resources. Nevertheless, he is confident that as China’s computational capabilities improve and AI application scenarios expand, more talent will be drawn to the Asian market. This shift would not only accelerate China’s AI technological growth but also invigorate the entire Asian region’s technological and economic development. In the long term, Xu foresees a diminishing gap between China and the US, with China even birthing companies valued in the hundreds of billions or trillions.

Currently, China’s AI computational power industry is experiencing rapid growth. The country has already established several world-leading AI computational platforms and data centers in the realms of cloud computing, big data, and AI. These provide robust computational support and data analysis capabilities to various industries. It’s worth noting that the Chinese government is stepping up its support for the AI computational power industry, encouraging technological innovation and industrial upgrades, with the aim to position China as a key player in the global AI computational power arena.

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