Senior Executive VP: Tencent Does Not Produce Vehicles

Dowson Tong, Senior Executive Vice President of Chinese tech giant Tencent and President of its Cloud and Smart Industries Group, said at a smart travel product launch held on Friday that Tencent does not produce vehicles, and that the company is determined to serve as a digital assistant for car companies. He pointed out that all business links in the automobile industry chain are accelerating their adoption of cloud infrastructure. By breaking through links such as automobile R&D, marketing, user services, and operations through the cloud, data value can be scouted and new productivity can be created.

Tong once again clarified Tencent‘s position within the automobile industry: “We will focus on our own strengths to provide digital infrastructure with cloud as the core, give play to the connection value, and participate in the digital upgrade of the whole link of automobile enterprises, thus helping partners to improve their resilience to respond to new changes and challenges in the industry and creating a more excellent experience for users.”

Tencent also announced the upgrade of its “Vehicle-Cloud Integration” strategy and released Tencent Smart Car Cloud, a one-stop cloud solution specially tailored for the smart vehicle industry, and the Tencent Integrated Automobile Safety Solution covering all aspects of the cloud.

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Tencent will set up a smart car cloud zone in Shanghai, which is the industry’s first proprietary cloud platform specially built for automated driving and smart cars. To this end, Tencent focuses on investing resources and expert teams for continuous construction.

Data show that more than 100 car companies and mainstream travel tech firms have chosen Tencent‘s smart travel cloud services, and more than 35 car companies have applied for Tencent smart cockpit products. The firm has introduced more than 600 industry partners to create joint innovation solutions to jointly provide better services for the automobile industry.

In addition, this new product launch event was hosted by Tencent‘s  digital human named Xiaotian, who came from Tencent Cloud Xiaowei Digital Humans and Tencent AI Interaction Team, based on the new generation of multimodal human-computer interaction technology. In the intelligent cockpit scenarios, digital humans can also serve as a vehicle-mounted voice assistant to bring users a more warm and humanized intelligent interactive experience.