Rokid and CNPC Launches World’s First 5G Explosion-Proof AR Headband X-Craft

Chinese AR glasses manufacturer Rokid joined hands with China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) to launch a 5G explosion-proof AR headband X-Craft, aiming to promote frontline worker productivity as well as ensure safety in high-risk zones through the remote collaboration system.

“Rokid is very pleased and honored to partner with PetroChina, integrating AR products and solutions that are promote safety and effectively improve productivity for frontline workers,” said Zhu Mingming, Rokid Founder and CEO.

Compatible with standard industrial helmets, X-Craft has a removable buckle designed to expand or contract according to the size of the helmet. The binocular AR display in the front of the headband can be flipped up for users to exit out of the mixed reality. 

With a 40-degree field of view and waveguide optics technology, the headband enables a superior see-through display and high contrast ratio. While the light transmittance surpassing 80%, the shading lens allows the wearer to see content in different environments and lighting. 

(Source: Rokid)

The large physical knobs and buttons enable the wearer to easily press or turn the knob even with gloves on. The headband is specially designed for complex and high-risk environments such as oil & gas, electric power, aviation, rail transport, and many other industries. In case of emergency, the wearer can immediately call for help with the “SOS” function.

The headband can attach many other accessories and peripheral devices, such as an industrial endoscope or infrared sensor modules, to expand its functionality.

Equipped with a 5G module, the AR headband ensures a seamless experience when frontline workers call experts or receive training sessions remotely through the remote collaboration system, with main features including multi-person collaboration, screen and camera sharing, annotation, whiteboard, and video recording. 

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Furthermore, the headband is able to process a large amount of data and information through the intelligent cloud with the 5G module. The hands-free voice-operated AR solution allow workers to reference documents, 3D models, operation e-manuals, and inspect machines while using their hands to perform tasks.

The device can accurately detect voice commands up to 85 decibels in noisy industrial working environments. AI algorithm within the device provides further efficiency by enabling the worker to update asset information automatically. 

“The traditional oil & gas industry faces problems such labor shortage, high barrier of effective communication and high proportion of man-made hazards,” said Sun Shisheng, Head of CNPC Engineering Technology Internet of Things Laboratory.