Robin Li Ranked Among Top 10 Global AI Figures by Harvard Business Review

Robin Li (Li Yanhong), CEO of China’s top search engine Baidu, has been ranked third on the list of “Top 10 Global AI Figures” released by the Chinese Harvard Business Review, the only Chinese business leader to be included on the rankings.

The list, released on Dec. 10, also includes Apple CEO Tim Cook, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, and Google CEO Sundar Pichai.

The list was constructed based on the “Artificial Intelligence Cognitive Survey,” which was conducted by Harvard Business Review. It examines the direct influence, the ability to exert power beyond the domain and judgments about the future of AI as well as the extent to which they can take an active role in the industry.
Being the only Chinese business leader to be elected onto the list, Li has been at the forefront of AI research in China.

Apollo self-driving car
Baidu Apollo self-driving car (Source: Internet)

Over the past year, Baidu has been actively advancing its autonomous driving and smart transport solutions for China. In October, the company joined the Partnership on AI (PAI), a US-led artificial intelligence (AI) ethnic group and become its first Chinese member.

Baidu began to set foot in artificial intelligence in 2012. Li took the lead in building a Baidu Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, rounded up a group of global AI leaders and expanded its research and development team.

Featured photo credit to Bloomberg