Richard Yu Steps Down as CEO of Huawei Consumer BG

Huawei internally issued a personnel adjustment document on the afternoon of April 30, announcing that Richard Yu (Yu Chengdong) will serve as the chairman of the Consumer BG, and He Gang, the former COO of Huawei Consumer BG, will take over as the CEO of Huawei Consumer BG.

Insiders revealed that Yu has not been managing the front-line mobile phone business since the second half of last year, and has handed over more work to He Gang. Huawei has a well-established internal governance structure, and this appointment is a normal management decision that allows Richard Yu to devote more energy to creating high-quality products for consumers. This personnel adjustment is a consideration made by Huawei to better adapt to market changes and long-term corporate development planning.

In addition, serving as the chairman of Consumer BG means that Richard Yu is still the head of this business. The existence of Huawei’s IRB (Investment Review Board) department is extremely important, and its function is to decide on the investment and establishment of specific business projects. Yu still serves as the director of the Intelligent Terminal IRB, indicating that he has investment decision-making power over this business.

Richard Yu was born in 1969 and graduated from Tsinghua University with a master’s degree. He joined Huawei in 1993 and has served as the Director of 3G Products, Vice President of Wireless Product Marketing, President of Wireless Product Line, President of the European Region, and President of Strategy and Marketing. Before the personnel adjustment, Yu served as the CEO of Huawei Consumer BG, Chairman of Intelligent Car Solution BU, and Director of Intelligent Terminal and Intelligent Car Parts IRB.

Richard Yu has been serving as the CEO of Huawei Consumer BG since 2011. After taking office, he cut Huawei’s OEM, feature phone, and low-end phone businesses, and began to take the “high-quality” route, laying the foundation for Huawei’s mobile phones in the market. At the same time, he adopted Huawei’s HiSilicon chips, promoting the integration of the chip business with Huawei’s terminals. A few years later, Huawei Mate7 was successful.

In 2020, Yu served as the director of the Intelligent Terminal and Intelligent Car Parts IRB, responsible for integrating Huawei’s Consumer BG and Intelligent Car Solution BU, and then officially responsible for promoting Huawei’s smart selection cars and the development of the Intelligent Car BU business. On December 18, 2020, Richard Yu was selected as one of the “Top 500 Chinese Brand Personalities of 2020”, ranking 76th.

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