JD.com Plans to Sell 2B Euro French Goods in Next Two Years

French President Macron is on a state visit to China. Under his witness, JD.com group signed memorandums of understanding with Business France and the French industrial engineering group Fives.JD.com announced its plan to sell 2 billion euros worth of French goods in China during the next two years.

After the signing, Macron met with Richard Liu, chairman and CEO of JD.com. Liu introduced the development of JD.com in recent years. “JD.com will fully utilize its existing advantages in the fields of e-commerce, logistics and technology, and will strengthen its cooperation with companies in France so as to bring more quality products and excellent experience to customers,” he said, “JD.com will further promote economic and trade cooperation between China and France.” Macron welcomed Chinese companies to invest in France, and said the two sides could cooperate more in the fields of technology, talent and trade.

In addition, JD.com group also announced a technical cooperation project worth 100 million euros (800 million yuan) with Fives. The project is focused on intelligent storage upgrades in Beijing, Kunshan and Xi’an. The two parties will build the most advanced logistics system in China – perhaps even in the world – and set a new benchmark for the intelligent transformation of eco-partners in e-commerce and logistics.

JD.com logistics will adopt Fives’ mature technology in “Asia’s No. 1” project, and further automate delivery and automatic sorting systems. This will enable JD.com to reduce its personnel investment, improve working efficiency and reduce operating costs, which could support its rapid development. In the future, both sides will jointly construct “Asia’s No. 1” logistics warehouse in Beijing. The sorting system may process 30,000 objects per hour. When constructed, the warehouse will greatly ease e-commerce pressures from growing orders in Beijing and northern China.

JD.com has signed strategic cooperation agreements with as many as 20 countries.

This article originally appeared in Sina Technology and was translated by Pandaily.