Project Galaxy Rebrands as Galxe, Evolves Into Ecosystem

Project Galaxy, a Web3 digital credential data network, announced on September 6 that it has rebranded as Galxe, aiming to show that it has developed from a project into an ecosystem.

Project Galaxy was co-founded two years ago by Charles Wayn and Harry Zhang, who had brought together a team of serial entrepreneurs with belief in the power of Web3. Under its mission of building a decentralized infrastructure, the platform noted on its rebranding that this shift highlights a dedication to expanding the wonderfully mysterious Web3 world one step at a time.

“This rebrand from Project Galaxy to Galxe wasn’t merely a marketing move, but rather a natural progression and evolution. We are no longer a ‘project’ but rather a fully-fledged ecosystem within Web3. Similarly, our logo has matured from three straight lines to flying comets,” said Anne Ouellet, CMO at Galxe.

Galxe has achieved a number of milestones including launching its own Token ($GAL), being awarded the Binance Launchpool Project of the Year Award, and announcing over 4.2 million Galxe ID users on its platform. Some of its largest accomplishments to date include partnering with 762 protocols and communities, running over 5,000 “Credential Based Campaigns,” and having their native $GAL token made available to trade across top global cryptocurrency exchanges.

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With these achievements comes an evolution away from just a “project” and a transition into a fully developed ecosystem. This ecosystem covers a number of Web3 branches, including infrastructures, NFTs, DeFi, and GameFi, and it is expanding into an entire digital adventure.