Product Leak: Huawei Tablet with Electronic Ink Screen to Support 22.5W Fast Charge

A Weibo digital blogger “TedShuo” revealed on Wednesday that Huawei’s new tablet with an electronic ink screen has recently obtained 3C certification. Its model is HMW-W09, which supports 22.5 W fast charging.

Previous rumors showed that Huawei will release many new products in late December, including a new folding screen smartphone, blood pressure watches, electronic ink screen products among other items.

Previously, Huawei had applied for the registration of a series of trademarks including Matext, Petal Mail, Petal Lilty and Mate Paper. The last trademark seems to be in preparation for e-readers.

On November 1st, blogger Digital Chatting Station said, “Huawei seems to be preparing to launch an electronic ink screen tablet – MatePad Paper, running Huawei’s HarmonyOS operating system.” Subsequently, some netizens discovered that Huawei’s Wuhan Research Institute held an offline experience activity of an e-reader on November 6th. The new product was likely used in this activity.

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There is little information about the new e-reader, which is most likely to compete with the Kindle. One of the characteristics of electronic ink screen is that the contents on screen can be clearly displayed under strong lighting conditions. The electronic ink screen is also power-saving which translates into a more efficient, and smaller, battery, thus making the device a lot more portable.