Porsche China CEO Addresses Design Similarities Between Xiaomi SU7 and Porsche Vehicles

On April 14th, Michael Kirsch, the President and CEO of Porsche China, addressed the similarities between the Xiaomi SU7 and Porsche during an interview with Chinese media. He suggested that good design tends to resonate universally.

The Xiaomi SU7, unveiled at the end of last year, has drawn comparisons to Porsche from netizens, with some even nicknaming it the “Mi Porsche”. Xiaomi‘s CEO Lei Jun didn’t shy away from these comparisons, spending a significant portion of a March 28 press conference comparing the performance of the SU7 with the Porsche Taycan. He stated that Xiaomi‘s goal was to create a car that could compete with the likes of Porsche and Tesla.

This marked the first time that Porsche has publicly responded to the discussions comparing the Xiaomi SU7 and Porsche. Kirsch highlighted Porsche’s commitment to its unique design aesthetics and the principle of “design follows function”. He pointed out that these principles have shaped Porsche’s distinct brand identity over its 75-year history. He also emphasized Porsche’s dedication to innovation in product development and meticulous standards in manufacturing.

Kirsch expressed his expectation for fair and legal competition with companies that uphold the same, or even higher, standards.

Meanwhile, Li Tianyuan, Xiaomi‘s chief car designer, clarified that the SU7’s design was never intentionally modelled after Porsche. He stated that their primary design principle was always to let form follow function.

Lei Jun also addressed this topic at the SU7 press conference, stating that the design that offers the least wind resistance would naturally look similar.

Despite the online controversies regarding the SU7’s design, the majority of owners and fans appreciate its aesthetics. A survey conducted by new energy self-media “Garage No. 42” found that 81% of the 100 Xiaomi SU7 reservation owners considered “exterior design” as a primary factor when purchasing a car.

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