Pinduoduo Finally Turned us into Couch Potatoes by Offering Nonstop Logistics Services amid Spring Festival

Running to the door to pick up the parcels three times in a row, the Chongqing-based high school English teacher from Canada could not stop praising the ultimate couch potato experience offered by China’s leading interactive e-commerce platform Pinduoduo.

This is Kai Wood’s sixth year in China and he has become an e-commerce shopping expert. In the new year of Ox, he joined 100 million Chinese citizens in supporting the country’s travel restriction plan to curb the COVID-19 resurgence by choosing to “stay put and celebrate.”

In order to better celebrate this Chinese Lunar New Year, Kai ordered many products online. From food, apparel to daily necessities, Kai purchased almost everything on Pinduoduo, including a red wool scarf as he knew wearing the auspicious color during the Chinese new year symbolizes prosperity. Since he hasn’t been home for three years, he also bought many overseas snacks to relieve his homesickness, such as maple syrup and Mexican salsa.

Source: Tianjin Daily

The wide variety of products on e-commerce platforms like Pinduoduo also enable consumers to buy various hometown delicacies so that they can have a taste of home during the big holiday.

This pervasive e-commerce platform, with over 700 million users, boldly offered nonstop logistics services throughout China’s weeklong public holiday, which began on Feb. 11. As a result, consumers did not need to leave their homes for holiday shopping. 

Source: Tianjin Daily 

According to data from State Post Office in China, the national postal express industry has collected and delivered 660 million express packages during this Lunar New Year holiday, representing a year-on-year increase of 260%. 

Pinduoduo’s local grocery chain Duo Duo Maicai also made fresh produce available for cooking enthusiasts. One 54- year-old woman, Ms. Yang, claimed that Duo Duo Maicai is her go-to channel for daily grocery shopping during the vacation. 

Source: Tianjin Daily 

“I used to think it is convenient enough to live near a grocery market within 20 minutes walking distance. I didn’t expect that with the help of Duo Duo Maicai I would be able to pick up agricultural produce and groceries in the next building”, Ms. Yang added.

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During this year’s Lunar New Year holiday, many Chinese courier companies like SF Express, Yunda Express, and J&T, chose to stay open during the holiday season, with a million couriers out in force to deliver parcels.