PICO Announces VR Interactive Storytelling Work Based on “The Three-Body Problem”

News on July 29th, PICO, together with Douyin Games and Xigua Video, participated in ChinaJoy and released a promotional poster for the VR interactive storytelling work “The Three-Body Problem”.

In the promotional poster, there is a paragraph that says:

“Shocking! PICO reminds you to check out the mysterious code/text sent from Alpha Centauri, which is 4.2 light-years away from Earth… In the VR version of ‘The Three-Body Problem,’ jointly created by PICO and the Three-Body Universe, we will also witness the destruction and rebirth of the Trisolaran civilization, experiencing firsthand the truth and mysteries within it…”

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PICO exhibition area is divided into multiple zones, including the central activity zone, sports zone, and streaming zone. Visitors can enjoy games such as “BODYCOMBAT”, and “All-in-One Sports” VR in these areas.

In the game zone and PICO video zone, visitors can play games like “Breachers”, “The Conductor”, and “Ling Cage”.

At the same time, the VR interactive adventure documentary “My Mission with ED Stafford”, created by PICO and Discovery, was also released and experienced at ChinaJoy. In addition, players who participate in interactive chapter missions in various experience areas can receive gifts such as tote bags, manuals, badges, T-shirts, etc.