PICO 4 All-in-One New Product Unveiled, Starting From €429

On September 22, PICO, a VR brand owned by ByteDance, held a new product launch event, and officially released the new PICO 4 series of products to Europe, America, Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia.

As a new generation of all-in-one VR device, the PICO 4 series has brought substantial improvements in wearing comfort, audio-visual experience, interactive ability and content ecology, presenting users with a more immersive VR experience.

The Pico 4 128GB is priced at €429 ($422.23), while the 256GB version is priced at €499, which will start accepting pre-orders on September 23.


The PICO 4 series adopts pancake optics and smaller display panels, which makes the headset thinner and lighter overall. The battery is located on the back of the headset while the entire device (excluding the strap and battery) weighs 295g, which is about 40% lighter than Quest 2. In addition, the device uses a new SuperSkin fabric cushion, which fits snugly against the user’s face and can absorb sweat, thus improving comfort.

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The PICO 4 will support 105 degrees of field of view, which is higher than the Neo 3’s 98-degree field of view. The PICO 4 series is equipped with a super-vision screen with binocular resolution as high as 4K+, with PPI (pixels per inch) of 1200 and refresh rate of 90Hz, which makes the display clearer and more detailed.

In terms of cameras, the PICO 4 is equipped with four black and white wide-angle tracking camera modules, but a 16MP RGB camera is added in the central part of the head display to add color VST passthrough. In addition, the new headset claims to be equipped with the largest battery capacity in the VR industry and supports fast charging.

PICO 4 (Source: Snapdragon)

In terms of touch and interaction, the PICO 4 series’ controllers adopts “HyperSense broadband motors” and a star ring arc column design as a whole. The motors can provide vibrations of different intensities ranging from 50 to 500Hz, and realizes an accurate 6DoF spatial positioning of head and hand through infrared sensors placed along the arc.

The new headset will also provide users with a broad range of content, covering fitness, video and games. The company launched PICO Fitness Program, where users can view exercise data in the VR fitness application and record their energy consumption through motion tracking. The PICO 4 will recommend exercise programs and VR fitness applications for users according to their goals. For example, “Body Combat” will provide users with combat courses, which is aimed at those who want not only practical knowledge, but those who also want a short and intense exercise program.

PICO 4 (Source: Snapdragon)

It is worth mentioning that PICO will also bring users a new Avatar System, and users can freely create a complete avatar in the 3D digital world, which will be able to mimic subtle expressions and body movements. PICO also worked with famous artists such as Zero Cosmos, and users are free to create their own unique virtual avatars.

PICO Fitness Band

The company also presented its version of a fitness band. The band offers a variety of functions, including a wearable positioning module, which can track the body movements of users, such as shaking, tilting and kicking, and can also interpret body posture through an AI algorithm. Although it is a locator designed for VR fitness by name, it is suitable enough for VR social applications, for example, players can control virtual avatars in the 3D digital world a lot better than before.

PICO 4 Pro

This is a higher-end version of the Pico 4, which will be equipped with infrared cameras under the left and right eyes and headset to track eye movements and facial expressions. These two functions can not only bring better VR socialization, but also automatically detect IPD (interpupillary distance) and drive an electric lens to match. However, the Pico 4 Pro is positioned as a professional VR headset, and it is uncertain whether it will be sold to consumers at present.

On September 27, PICO will hold a launch event in China to announce the prices and sales channels of the new products. At that time, the new VR ecological content launched in China will be unveiled as the highlight of this launch event.