Photos of Leapmotor C01 Electric Sedan Released

Leapmotor, an intelligent electric vehicle startup based in Hangzhou, China, has released pictures of its Leapmotor C01 model, a medium to large-sized pure electric sedan. Previous promotional materials show that the new car will be officially unveiled and opened for pre-orders on May 10.

In terms of appearance, the Leapmotor C01 abandons a complex line design and uses a large number of powerful shapes to make the overall look more smooth and natural. The full-width light bar includes 48 crystal headlights, which support various light modes such as unlocking/locking, “follow me home,” smart summoning, charging, and OTA upgrades.

(Source: Leapmotor)

The hidden door handle design makes the side lines of the car body softer and more stretched. The fastback, C-pillar, frameless door and 19-inch semi-closed rotor rim give the vehicle a sporty feel. At the rear of the car, the brand logo “LEAPMOTOR” connects the taillights on both sides. It is matched with a high duck tail design, which also makes it appear more dynamic.

Regarding the model’s interior decoration, the center console area follows the T-shape triple screen design of the Leapmotor C11, creating a sense of sci-fi in the car. It also provides a coated panoramic roof, a full leather wrapped door inner panel, a NAPPA leather seat, a rear “boss chair,” and a large suede ceiling.

(Source: Leapmotor)

In terms of power, according to previously leaked information, the Leapmotor C01 will be equipped with a dual oil-cooling motor with a maximum output power of 400kW, with a 3-second acceleration capability of 0-100km/h. The new car will adopt mass produced cell-to-chassis (CTC) technology, and will be equipped with a ternary battery pack with a capacity of 90kWh. The cruising range under CLTC conditions can reach 717km.

Public information shows that Leapmotor was established in December 2015, receiving joint investment from Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co., Ltd. and its main founders. According to Frost & Sullivan, the company is the only new energy vehicle company in China with wholly independent R&D capabilities.

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