Perfect World to Release Tower of Fantasy Overseas on August 10

Chinese game developer Perfect World has announced the launch of an overseas version of its open world game Tower of Fantasy on August 10, and the number of pre-registrants globally has exceeded 3 million. The game is published by Tencent‘s overseas publishing company Level Infinite.

Tower of Fantasy is a sci-fi open world game developed by Hotta Studio, a subsidiary of Perfect World. It incorporates de-labeled character building, features movie-quality motion capture, and offers a high degree of freedom in exploration of the world, a light science fiction art style, a variety of interactive puzzle elements and free professional battles. The game tells a post-apocalyptic story of salvation and destruction.

Tower of Fantasy has been questioned since its launch in China, mainly due to plagiarism concerns. First, during the test period, it was suspected of stealing the weapon materials of Collapse 3 and the icon materials of Rainbow VI as BOSS icons. Later, in public tests, it was accused plagiarism by Japanese animation team Hurray!. The Japanese team said they were told that PV of Tower of Fantasy was very similar to their animation concept. A comparison video was made and released after confirmation as proof.

In April this year, Tower of Fantasy updated version 2.0 and launched a new map. It greatly improved its artistic performance, interactive experience and plot immersion. According to data platform, on the launch day of version 2.0, the game ranked the 11th place in the best-selling list of Chinese games in the App Store. It once fell to over 100th in the list.

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The PC version of Tower of Fantasy was released on Steam Mall, and will be launched in Q4, 2022. It doesn’t support simplified Chinese language functions. Previously, Tower of Fantasy conducted closed Beta tests in the US, Canada, Japan, the UK and Germany in April, and will operate in these countries.