PDD Reveals the Top-Selling Products Amid Chinese Lunar New Year

In the run-up to China’s Lunar New Year, many migrant workers forgo their journeys back home and decided to stay in their places of employment to avoid a surge in cases during what is typically the busiest travel season of the year. Therefore, e-commerce platforms have become essential tools for shopping during this atypical holiday season.

According to China’s leading interactive e-commerce platform Pinduoduo (PDD), total sales volume has surged 81% year-on-year. For Generation-Z and millennial users, fitness kits, pet wear, and books came to the top on the holiday best-selling list.

“I’m going to set up a workout plan to shape my figure during this holiday and surprise everyone when the holiday is over,” said Mr. Zhang, a young man working in Beijing. This is going to be the first time he does not go back home for the big holiday and, in addition to fitness kits, he also purchased a multi-functional rice cooker to learn how to prepare healthy dishes.

Young customers showed a growing interest in reading during holidays. PDD’s “10 Billion Subsidy Program”, a campaign which will see the e-commerce platform distribute 10-billion-yuan coupons during the holidays, revealed a strong inclination to purchase e-book devices like Kindle, or paper books ranging from history and science fiction to literature among youngsters.

For those who cannot go home to celebrate a holiday that symbolizes reunion with families, domestic animals have also become soothing companions, with sales of pet accessories on PDD’s platform soaring by 360% over the past few weeks.

Photo Credit to Lin Man

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“A good life is never expensive. We will continue to provide consumers with more quality yet affordable products, and a more enjoyable shopping experience so that everyone can have a happy new year holiday,” said PDD spokesperson.