Oriental Semiconductor Completes Shanghai IPO

Suzhou Oriental Semiconductor Co., Ltd., a computer chip manufacturer based in China, on Thursday officially listed to Shanghai’s Sci-Tech Innovation Board (STAR Market).

With this IPO, Oriental Semiconductor plans to raise 939 million yuan ($147.7 million), which will mainly be used for the upgrading and production of MOSFET transistors, the R&D of metal-oxide-silicon transistors, and the construction of a development and engineering center.

According to its prospectus, Oriental Semiconductor is a technology-driven enterprise focusing on high-performance power devices. Its products have been widely applied in industrial fields represented by DC charging piles for new energy vehicles, 5G base station power supply and telecommunications power supply, data center server power supply and industrial lighting power supply. The company also serves consumer electronics application fields such as PC power supply, adapters and high-speed smartphone chargers.

The working voltage of the MOSFET transistors developed by Oriental Semiconductor is above 400V, which means it can be used for industrial LED lighting and charging piles for new energy vehicles. It features simple driving and good penetration resistance. The low-voltage MOSFET devices generally work at a voltage of 25V-150V, mainly used for battery protection and motor drivers. The working voltage of insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) products of the company ranges from 600V and 1350V, which is suitable for charging piles of new energy vehicles, variable-frequency drives, inverters and motor drives.

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Since its establishment in 2008, Oriental Semiconductor has obtained several rounds of financing. Its funders include many well-known investment institutions in the industry, such as Oriza, Shenzhen Zhongguo Venture Capital, ZTE, China Fortune-Tech Capital and Huawei Hubble.