OPPO R17 Unveiled Through Official OPPO F9 Twitter Images

OPPO R17 specifications are unveiled in part through the international edition shared on Twitter, confirming its V-shaped front camera design and on-screen fingerprint unlock features.

The so-called “widow’s peak” front design of the OPPO R17 was seen in the new phone posters that were released through OPPO Malaysia’s twitter account. In the tweet, the international edition named OPPO F9 which has a waterdrop screen was called on to arrive. The OPPO F9 will also release a Sunrise Red edition.

OPPO F9 posters.
OPPO F9 posters. Image Source: OPPO tweets.

Apart from the front design, the new phone will fully adopt the screen fingerprint solution. This means that the OPPO R17 should be equipped with an on-screen fingerprint unlock function as well.

The OPPO R17 is also rumored to have a narrower chin than its own flagship OPPO Find X. It is expected to surpass OPPO Find X’s 3.4mm bottom notch width and return to the typical Android phone design again.

OPPO R17. Image Source: weibo.

It is expected that the OPPO R17 will also be equipped with super flash charging technology with a 50w charger. According to previous leaks, the Pro version of the OPPO R17 will be equipped with f/1.4 aperture lens which will provide better performance with background blur and shots under low-light conditions.

OPPO R17 is also reported to have IP67 waterproof and NFC-enabled features. Its display size and camera specifications, however, are still unknown.

The R17 is rumored to be releasing in the city of Jinan on August 23, and the high-end OPPO R17 Pro may cost up to 3,999 yuan ($600), but the speculation remains to be confirmed.