OPPO Launches World’s First 3D Ray Tracing Dynamic Wallpaper

Chinese smartphone brand OPPO launched a 3D dynamic real-time interactive wallpaper at this year’s Game Developers Conference (GDC 2022) on Tuesday. The product is the first to realize ray tracing technology on smartphones, and is expected to be launched to app stores in the second half of 2022. In addition, its development tool will be released on OPPO’s open platform, supporting developers, artists and designers to create freely.

The application of ray tracing technology in smartphones has gradually become one of the most advanced directions of the technology. In 2021, OPPO first realized the demo of ray tracing on “Call of Duty: Mobile” for Reno 6 PRO Dimensity 1200 edition. This year, the smartphone brand is upgrading its ray tracing technology, showing 3D dynamic wallpaper featuring the unique technology. Through technical algorithm optimization, it can drive more complex images and effects, and double the operation efficiency of ray tracing.

OPPO has achieved a refraction effect in wallpaper that was not available last year by using the computing power of chips, the independently develop-developed BVH (bounding volume hierarchy) solution and the optimization of effect rendering algorithms. In addition, the technology adopts the mixed rendering method, which can achieve a variety of effects such as shadows, reflection and refraction.

At present, 3D dynamic wallpaper in the mobile phone industry is mainly offline rendering, which are MP4 videos made in advance. The dynamic presentation of wallpaper is completed by playing pre-recorded videos, which lacks interaction with smartphone users, and the effect is not sufficiently realistic.

However, this ray tracing featured wallpaper is rendered in real time. With the gyroscope and ray tracing technology, users can experience the changes of light and shadow on wallpaper brought by different gestures by interacting with the screen and rotating smartphone.

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Ray tracing 3D dynamic wallpaper is one of OPPO’s many attempts to implement the advanced technology. It will also cover games and other fields in the future.

The GDC is the world’s largest annual professional conference and exhibition for game developers, providing a common industry platform for technical exchange and inspiration.