OPPO Expands Into Thailand With Flagship Store

Chinese smartphone company OPPO opened their Super Flagship Store in Bangkok, Thailand on October 22.

The store signifies the company’s first international presence outside of China, as the first step in their international expansion strategy into the Asia Pacific region. OPPO aims to have six more flagship stores in Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines and Taiwan by 2020.

OPPO Super Flagship Store in Bangkok
OPPO Super Flagship Store in Bangkok (Source: OPPO)

The purpose of the Super Flagship Store is to provide customers with an interactive experience, allowing OPPO to showcase their latest technology, including 5G network availability. This marks the expansion of OPPO’s already well-developed sales channels that include over 52,000 retail points and over 44,000 sales representatives.

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Jimmy Yi, President of OPPO Asia Pacific, said, “OPPO is now already one of the top players in the region. It is important that we continue to evolve with consumers and the industry in order to stay competitive. The next frontier of our strategy is strengthening the premium experience and continue to innovate consumer experiences both offline and online.”

OPPO Super Flagship Store in Bangkok (Source: OPPO)
OPPO Super Flagship Store in Bangkok (Source: OPPO)

In the future, with the impending arrival of 5G, OPPO will look to further their development of smartphone-based IoT products, along with AR, smart wearables and cloud gaming, to create more interaction with customers in an offline setting. The Super Flagship Store in Bangkok is the first step of this long term expansion strategy into Asia, especially Southeast Asia.