Oppo Executive Denies Public Speculation Regarding Possible Vehicle Production

In response to previous reports about Oppo’s entry into the automotive field, Bo Liu, President of Oppo China, affirmed that “there is no need for the company to produce vehicles at present”.

Recently, various media outlets reported that Chen Mingyong, Founder and CEO of Oppo, led a team to prepare for building cars, visiting the China Automotive Research Institute and other related institutions. He also chatted for several hours with Zhu Wei, President of the passenger vehicle department at CATL.

According to information from Chinese corporate database Tianyancha, Oppo is applying for registration of a trademark named “OCAR,” meaning Oppo’s car, to be officially classified as a scientific instrument.

Among the top 100 list of China’s autonomous driving patent applications in 2021, Oppo applied for 128 patents, ranking 41st.

“At present, we’re trying to study the automotive industry, but we focus more on mobile phones. We’re not sure if we will enter the electric vehicle field. Time will tell how things actually work out,”Bo Liu said in an interview with Tencent News.

Founded in 2004, Oppo is committed to providing customers with the most advanced and sophisticated smartphones, high-end audio-visual equipment and mobile Internet products and services, covering China, the United States, Russia, Europe, Southeast Asia and other markets.

Oppo’s “Find” flagship products have gained much popularity among consumers both domestically and abroad.
According to data released by Strategy Analytics,the total shipment of 5G smartphones worldwide in the first quarter of this year reached 135.7 million units, among which Apple ranked first with 40.4 million units and Oppo ranked second with 21.5 million units.

“Now Oppo’s mobile phone business is growing steadily. The competition in the next decade will be more comprehensive, with management, technology, aesthetics and values involved,” Liu expressed in the interview, adding that “the high-end mobile phone market will be our main focus in the future.”

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Xiaomi, a Chinese smartphone manufacturer, announced in March that it would invest 10 billion yuan in building its own electric cars. Another smartphone giant Huawei said in March that it did not have plans to make cars. The firm aims instead to focus on information and communications technology, and supply incremental components of intelligent vehicles to help car original equipment manufacturers build better vehicles.