OPPO Establishes AI Center to Strengthen Competitive Edge

On January 8th, OPPO’s Senior Vice President Liu Zuohu told Chinese media Jiemian that OPPO has established an AI center, which aims to concentrate resources and will be managed by the chief technology officer of OPPO. The goal is to excel in AI and make it a competitive strength of the company.

The same afternoon, OPPO unveiled the Find X7 series, successfully integrating a large-scale model with 7 billion parameters at the edge. This integration ushers in two novel AI experiences: the AIGC elimination function and an AI large model voice summary. Furthermore, the large models empower the Find X7’s AI assistant to support an impressive array of over 100 intelligent capabilities, including generating text from images, creating images from text, and providing AI article summaries.

OPPO had already initiated collaborations with chip platform companies such as Qualcomm and MediaTek in the realm of large models. In October 2023, when discussing the impact of large AI models on the smartphone industry, Liu Zuohu said, “AIGC represents the most thrilling technological innovation since we embarked on the journey of phone manufacturing. It promises to instigate revolutionary changes in the experience of mobile life.” OPPO’s AI strategy is user-centric, leveraging products to drive technological innovation and enabling users to truly perceive and immerse in the AI experience.

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