OPPO Awards $433K to 10 Winners of 2022 Research Institute Innovation Accelerator

Chinese consumer electronics brand OPPO on August 29 announced 10 winners of its inaugural OPPO Research Institute Innovation Accelerator, which has seen teams from around the world submit technology proposals aimed at tackling some of society’s biggest challenges. Following a three-month submission and judging process, the 10 winning teams will share the 3,000,000 yuan ($433,482) prize fund and other resources provided by OPPO and its partners.

Launched in May this year, the Innovation Accelerator was established to support OPPO’s belief in “Virtuous Innovation,” by seeking original proposals addressing key challenges in accessible technology and digital health. Over the three-month period, proposals were judged by a committee from the OPPO Research Institute and its partners. Proposals were judged against the four criteria of “Feasibility, Innovation & Originality, Social Value, and Long-Term Potential.”

The 10 winning proposals, which were selected from a total of 536 entries, include a system designed to detect earthquakes early with rapid intensity reporting, a detection system for early-stage dementia through eye movements and other small indicators, a project that can produce interactive images in free space without the need for an additional medium or screen, an innovative hearing aid built from Bluetooth audio hardware and an exclusive hearing assistance algorithm, and more.

As part of the judging and selection process, demo events were held in Israel, India, and China. OPPO also made its debut appearance at VivaTech 2022 in France – Europe’s biggest startup and tech event – to promote the OPPO Innovation Accelerator and share its vision for a better and more inclusive future.

Following the announcement, OPPO will help the 10 teams to further develop and promote their technologies by providing financial support, marketing resources, opportunities to apply their concepts in OPPO products, and exhibition of their ideas at global events.

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Over the years, OPPO itself has also built up vast experience in the areas of accessible technology and digital health. For example, the OPPO Find X3 series includes a Color Vision Enhancement feature designed to improve the visual experience for those with color vision deficiencies. OPPO has brought aging adaptation to its ColorOS operating system and smart products to enable elderly users to enjoy the benefits and convenience of technology. Further to this, OPPO has established the OPPO Health Lab to develop preventative health solutions designed to help users cultivate healthy lifestyle habits.