OnePlus Partners with Swedish Telecom Giant Telia, and Enters Sweden This Month

On February 27 at the 2018 MWC (Mobile World Conference) in Barcelona, Spain, OnePlus announced a strategic partnership with Swedish telecom giant Telia. With this partnership, OnePlus steps forward in the Nordic market, and plans to sell the OnePlus 5T in Sweden this month.

The OnePlus 5T smartphone is the brand’s top flagship, featuring high performance, large storage capacity, and dual cameras. It has potential to become a popular flagship phone in the Nordic market.

This is not the first time for OnePlus to work with overseas operators. OnePlus has previously partnered with Finnish operator giant Elisa. Since December 2016, OnePlus has gained popularity in the Nordic market, outperforming Apple, Samsung and other overseas big-names in terms of sales volume. Due to its high quality and performance, OnePlus was rated as the best Android phone provider in 2017 by both Finland’s SuomiMobiili and Sweden’s Swedroid.

According to OnePlus CEO Pete Lau, OnePlus has enjoyed good market reception due to Nordic preferences. Nordic people favor competitive and good products, and the elegant design of OnePlus phones is consistent with the Nordic style.

Lau said that northern Europe has been an important market for OnePlus, who is looking for new ways to get products to more Nordic users. The strategic partnering with Swedish operators is a crucial step. He also said that in 2018, OnePlus will continue to launch flagship models, deepen alliances with operators, and strive to provide a better user experience.

“OnePlus will continue to focus on boutique flagship,”

said Lau in an interview.

Since its establishment in 2013, OnePlus’ product strategy has been focusing on quality flagships. Instead of using marketing gimmicks, OnePlus attracts attention by focusing on high quality product development and innovation, and producing products in line with international standards. As Lau said, “I am certain that OnePlus only produces flagship machines.”

Since its establishment more than four years ago, OnePlus has released six flagship mobile phones. Each mobile phone has gone through an in-depth improvement process. In order to create a more perfect product and an optimal user experience, OnePlus spends a year ensuring that each phone is of superior quality. This includes color, polishing and eliminating a shadow effect caused by sub-millimeter variations in body length.

As Lau said, “We focus on the balance between products and ideas. For products, we always consider the long-term perspective.” It is reported that next OnePlus flagship phone will be released at the end of Q2 this year. The new model will be equipped with the Snapdragon 845 processor, continuing to uphold high-performance and high-end configuration. With its unique positioning of “only producing the best Android flagship”, the OnePlus 2018 flagship phone is worthy of attention.

This article originally appeared in CWW and was translated by Pandaily.