OnePlus to Negotiate with US Operators on Selling Handsets, No Specific Dates

OnePlus CEO Peter Lau said OnePlus is ready to negotiate with US operators this year on mobile phone sales.

AT&T abruptly cancelled its cooperation with Huawei on the eve of CES 2018. Chinese mobile manufacturers hoping to sell phones with US carriers were a hot topic at the CES.

In an interview at CES, Lau said OnePlus planned to cooperate with US carriers this year. “We are very willing to try to negotiate with US operators if there is a suitable and appropriate opportunity,” he said. As to when an agreement could be reached, Lau did not give a specific time.

Unlike Huawei, OnePlus is only known among Android fans and technology communities, and it has not attracted the attention of the US government. Potential cooperation with US carriers would bring a significant boost in sales to OnePlus, and could further increase its popularity.

Lau said the next OnePlus will be available at the end of the second quarter, putting it roughly in line with last year’s OnePlus 5 launch date.

About 90 percent of the smartphones in the US are estimated to be sold through carrier channels. In December, Huawei and AT&T reached a preliminary agreement to sell Huawei’s flagship phone, the Mate 10, in the US market. Huawei also said it would release details at this week’s CES.

AT&T suddenly cancelled the cooperation on the eve of the CES. Huawei currently sells its mobile phones only through retail channels and online.

This article by Li Ming originally appeared in Sina Technology and was translated by Pandaily.