Official of Spin-off of Tencent’s Honor of Kings Apologizes for Plagiarism

Honor of Kings, Tencent‘s popular MOBA, officially released a teaser poster of its spin-off game named Codename-03. After comparing the overlapping pictures, some netizens found that some elements on this poster came from the scenario Meteorite Shards Location in the game Genshin Impact owned by miHoYo Technology.

This discovery soon caused an uproar in the player community. Earlier this morning, the official account of Codename-03 issued an apology on Chinese streaming platform Bilibili, and explained the situation with a lengthy infographic.

The article pointed out that the plagiarism of the poster was caused by the use of unauthorized picture materials by an employee of Tencent‘s outsourcing company named by LHC during the poster design process.

The contrast between Codename-03’s poster and Genshin Impact’s Meteorite Shards Location (Source: Guanchacn)

The official account of Codename-03 is accounting for the misstep, while the outsourcing company stated that it has dealt with the person responsible for error, but it did not provide the details.

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According to the latest research report by Sensor Tower, Honor of Kings has earned over $10 billion from player spending since its launch in 2015, becoming the first mobile game to do so.