Number of Female Gamers Surpasses Male Gamers in King of Glory

In the area of attracting female gamers, perhaps US gaming companies could learn from Tencent. According to recent data, the game King of Glory developed by Tencent has reached the highest percentage of female gamers in hardcore versus games.

Based on data provided by internet consulting company Jiguang and supported by IDG,by last May of this year, the total percentage of female game users of King of Glory reached 54.1%, while the average percent of female gamers in similar games is only 35% or lower.

A kindergarten teacher by the name of Zhu Qiaopu is an example of those caught up in the game craze. She plays the game every evening after she lays her three years old child to sleep. After she got hooked on playing King of Glory, within two months, she had spent 230 hours on playing the game. The person who introduced the game to her in the beginning was her own husband, and now they fight against each other playing the game.

“We can discuss strategies in WeChat and improve our own playing techniques.” Up till now, Zhu Qiaopu has already spent at least 147 dollars on unlocking game characters and buying equipment. “When you see all your friends playing the game and their names ranked, you certainly don’t want to get behind in the game. Who doesn’t want to win?”

Since Tencent has been planning to release King of Glory in the US, the attraction rate of this game is going to face a new challenge. The US market is dominated by major games like Activision Blizzard and there is a low percentage of WeChat users there. Even though it is the dominant leader in the local market, the company has not yet proved its ability to attract foreign users.

The games by Tencent which have received the highest welcome in the overseas market are Riot Games (英雄联盟) and Supercell (部落冲突). But these results were achieved by large-money purchase orders. These large-money purchases provided Tencent with a large-scale global platform, which can help bring overseas gamers in contact with King of Glory.

According to Jiguang statistics, King of Glory has attracted around 108 million female gamers, a number which surpasses the populations of Argentina and Canada combined.

The spokesman of this company has not made any statement on this.


This article by Shu Yu originally appeared in Sina Technology and was translated by Pandaily.

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