NiuTrans Helps Chinese Firms Expand Globally With Efficient Machine Translation

With the implementation of China’s Belt and Road Initiative, more and more Chinese enterprises are exploring global markets, and breaking through the language barrier is an important way to solve differing senses of identity between cultures. As the world’s leading supplier of machine translation capabilities, NiuTrans can meet the needs of enterprises for multilingual translation in an efficient, reliable and highly scalable way.

According to research by the Qianzhan Industry Research Institute, with increasing trade and cultural exchange between Chinese enterprises and countries included in the Belt and Road Initiative, demand for translation has risen significantly. In 2021, Arabic, Russian, German, English and Belarusian are the five most urgently needed languages on the translation market.

Compared with strong terminal demand, China’s training of translation talent is slightly behind. In 2020, China Credentials Verification did not even have statistics on Russian, French and Spanish majors in China, but after calculating in 2022, it found that the number of universities setting these majors has exceeded many other language majors. From the perspective of market demand, most enterprises need instant, efficient and stable language translation services. In cross-border e-commerce, animation, gaming, laws and regulations and other areas, machine translation can meet the needs of most small and medium-sized enterprises.

Based on deep learning, the latest neural network machine translation technology, and a massive corpus accumulated by business practice, NiuTrans supports translation in 388 languages, covering major markets such as Europe, East Asia, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Translation of text, documents, picture, video, audio and other formats are supported. A variety of machine translation services including API integration, public cloud, local deployment, and offline SDK are also provided.

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Since the beginning of this year, the NiuTrans team has provided machine translation service solutions for more fields. At the China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition in November, the firm displayed engines in seven fields, including medicine, patents, electric power, engineering, aerospace and military, which made the translation in these industries more accurate. In addition, the new audio and video translation system supports multilingual and multi-format files and can automatically generate bilingual subtitles.