Niu Technologies Releases New Electric Bicycles

On August 2, Niu Technologies, a provider of smart urban mobility solutions, released its latest products, including electric bicycles SQi and UQi+, and two co-branded electric bicycles co-developed with Razer.

Niu Technologies‘ SQi has three colors: gold, orange and green. The frame is die-cast by magnesium alloy, which is lightweight, but the body strength and shock resistance are rather strong. The front and rear fenders of the SQi are 1846mm long, the left and right handgrips are 723mm wide, the windshield is 1050mm high, the seat is 809mm high and the wheelbase is 1240mm.

Niu Technologies‘ SQi is equipped with the V37N Cloud Electronic Control Unit (ECU), which is fully optimized for information collection and algorithms, and efficiently integrated with big data. The intelligent central control chip can monitor bicycle data 200 times per minute.

SQi model (Source: Niu Technologies)

SQi adopts Eiden AI power lithium battery system technology, dynamically integrating AI self-learning, Battery Management System (BMS), Field Oriented Control (FOC) configuration power output curve, self-adaptive high-performance magnesium alloy in-wheel motor, PACK technology, Electronic Brake Systems (EBS) Kinetic Energy Recovery System and other functions. Combined with automobile-grade power lithium battery, it takes only five hours at the fastest for 0-100% charging. The selling price ranges from 8,999 yuan to 9,599 yuan ($1,332 – $1,421).

Niu Technologies‘ UQi+ offers two new colors, yellow and green, and is also matched with automobile-grade matt varnish. The new UQi+ is equipped with the V37N Cloud ECU central control unit, which supports Over-The-Air (OTA) wireless upgrades. Users can perform various operations through voice such as unlocking, opening the seat bucket, and checking the battery. UQi+ supports 24-hour abnormal monitoring and alarm and precise positioning of tri-mode satellites.

UQi+ model (Source: Niu Technologies)

These product releases are accompanied by the company’s brand upgrade. At a media conference held on July 27, Li Yan, CEO of Niu Technologies, said that in the past seven years, the company’s changes to the industry were mainly reflected in three levels: redefining design, redefining products and redefining rules, all of which together constituted the brand formation – originality, innovation and pursuit.

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Established in September 2014, Niu Technologies officially landed on the Nasdaq in 2018. However, affected by the price increase of upstream raw materials and the pandemic, the firm’s gross profit margin decreased from 23.8% in the same period last year to 19.1% in Q1 2022. Previously, Niu Technologies made a round of price increases on products one after another, with an overall price increase of about 7%. Superimposed on the impact of the pandemic, its sales volume decreased by 17.4% year-on-year in Q2 2022.