NIO’s Global Business Major Adjustment: Setting Up Eight New Departments

Recently, NIO has carried out a new round of organizational adjustments and personnel appointments for its global business.

According to an internal announcement, NIO has established a new primary department called ‘Global Business Development’ (GB), responsible for expanding the global business of multiple brands and regions. Chen Chen is the head of this department and reports to NIO‘s co-founder and president, Qin Lihong. After this adjustment, NIO has set up 8 secondary departments covering six major regions: Middle East and North Africa Business Department (MBD), Asia Business Department (ABD), Latin America and Oceania Business Department (LOD), Western Europe Business Department (WED), Southern Europe Business Department (SED), Central Europe, Eastern Europe, and Northern Europe Business Department (CND), Strategic Planning Department (GSP) , Operations Support Center Division(GOC). The heads of these secondary departments will continue to hold their current positions in ‘European Business’ or ‘European Energy Business’ until the new organizational structure for the latter two departments is completed.

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