NIO Upgrades Banyan Intelligent Vehicle System

Chinese new energy vehicle firm NIO introduced a major OTA upgrade of its Banyan system to ET7 vehicle owners on August 18. The new version, which is named Banyan 1.1.0, features more than 60 functions that have been added or optimized, mainly pertaining to cockpit, energy supplement, assisted driving, control and so on.

Banyan is an intelligent vehicle system under the second generation of NT2 technology by NIO. The first model to adapt it was NIO‘s ET7, while the ES7 and ET5 will also be equipped with it soon.

The Banyan 1.1.0 system has added three parking modes, namely: an empty car mode with power support, a camping mode and a pet mode. The first mode will keep the exact same state of the vehicle stable when drivers leave the car. The camping mode will adjust the functions of air conditioning, screen, lights, doors and windows according to the user settings. Finally, the pet mode will keep a constant temperature and comfortable environment to ensure the safety of pets inside the vehicle.

The interior light will change color and brightness in real time according to the musical rhythm, and rear lights will be kept on during daytime driving to improve safety. The new version also expands the scope of voice control and supports the ability to search and play iQIYI videos. In terms of navigation, the user can add, inquire and delete previous settings by voice control.

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For assisted driving part, the Banyan 1.1.0 system has been optimized for automated valet parking, advanced driving assistance experience and interface display.

The visual fusion automatic parking system has been optimized on the parking time and path, thus improving parking efficiency. The lane keeping assist function is also improved.