NIO to Deploy 4,000 Charging Piles Globally By 2025

On Friday, Shanghai-based electric vehicle manufacturer NIO announced on its “NIO Power Day” that the firm will build 4,000 charging stations worldwide by the end of 2025 – about 1,000 of which will be located outside China.

NIO Power is an energy service system enhanced by “Power Cloud” that provides users with comprehensive services through mobile charging vehicles, charging stations, battery swap stations and road service teams. As of July 9th, NIO has built 301 battery swap stations, 204 super-charging stations, and 382 destination charging stations nationwide, carrying out over 2.9 million individual battery swaps and over 600,000 one-click power-up services.

In order to provide a better power service experience for their continuously and rapidly increasing users, NIO will speed up the construction of its NIO Power charging and replacing network. Qin Lihong, Cofounder and President of NIO, said that “NIO plans to achieve the goal of building a total of 700 power stations in 2021″.

At the same time, the firm announced that it will fully open the NIO Power charging and swapping system and BaaS, sharing the achievements of NIO Power with the wider industry and smart electric vehicle users.

To grow NIO‘s influence in northern China, NIO Power North in July announced the official opening of free charging rights. From July 1, 2021 to December 31, 2024, all NIO vehicles (except for commercially operating vehicles) can enjoy a free charging quota of 1,000 kWh for a year by using NIO brand public charging piles in eight northern provinces and autonomous regions across the country. Beyond 1,000 kWh, there will be free service for unlimited power.

The battery swap model will likely win more policy support and be chased by investors in the future. In 2020, the New Energy Automobile Industry Development Plan (2021-2035) adopted by the State Council executive meeting pointed out that infrastructure construction for power charging and swapping should be enhanced, and that preferential policies such as charging and battery swapping should be improved, aiming at upgrading user experience.

Tesla, one of NIO‘s primary competitors, expressed in June that it will launch a new charging line – the longest in mainland China – covering a total distance of 5,000 kilometers and equipped with 27 charging stations.

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