NIO: The World’s First V2G Photovoltaic Self-circulating Energy Replenishment System Completes

On August 20th, NIO, together with various parties, completed the construction of the world’s first V2G photovoltaic self-circulating energy replenishment system in Qilian Mountain National Park. This also marks the first application of NIO‘s V2G energy replenishment technology.

The third stop of the WWF and NIO Clean Parks Ecological Co-construction Project has officially begun. It aims to build a V2G (Vehicle-to-Grid) photovoltaic self-circulation station for the Qilian Mountain National Park. The 218 square meters of solar panels have an average total power generation of 67,000 kilowatt-hours, reducing carbon emissions by 53 tons. This can meet the daily electricity needs of patrol vehicles within the protected area and can also discharge power in reverse during nighttime to supply the park.

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V2G (Vehicle-to-Grid) technology refers to the technique of electric vehicles supplying power to the grid. The core idea is to utilize the energy storage capacity of a large number of electric vehicles as a buffer for the grid and renewable energy sources. Through V2G, not only can the low efficiency of the grid and fluctuations in renewable energy be greatly alleviated, but it can also create benefits for electric vehicle users.