NIO Owners Refuse So-called “Owner Statement” of the NOP Accident

On August 18th, the joint statement of NIO vehicle owners became a trending topic on social media and caused some debate as to its use. One NIO car owner later posted on Weibo that he had not seen the statement in NIO‘s APP before and wasn’t involved in the statement. More NIO owners joined in the team.

The owner added, “Although there is nothing wrong with the content, I personally do not approve of this statement. It’s stupid and annoying for NIO to declare for them under the guise of users instead of in the name of (the company) itself.” Many NIO owners expressed their dissatisfaction with being represented for no reason.

In response to a recent incident that a 31-year-old entrepreneur died in a car accident when he engaged the Navigate on Pilot (NOP) function, about 500 NIO car owners collectively voiced and issued a joint statement supporting the NP/NOP today. The statement says that NIO did not confuse nor mislead users in its introduction and publicity to the NP/NOP feature. Drivers should be well aware that the NIO NP/NOP functionality is for assisted driving, and is not to be considered as automatic driving. The statement calls on the media and We Media to understand the concept before reporting on issues involving the company’s vehicles.

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Nio responsed that it had nothing to do with the joint statement supporting the NP/NOP.

On the evening of August 16th, NIO issued a statement for the first time on the death of an ES8 owner in a traffic accident. The company says its service personnel did cut off the power in the parking lot of the vehicle, and this action was to ensure the safety of the vehicle’s battery after the high-speed collision. This action would not lead to any loss of data. NIO has been actively cooperating with the accident investigation team. At the request and witness of relevant parties, the first on-site data extraction was exposed on the afternoon of August 13. At present, a NIO HQ tech team has arrived in Putian and will help sift through the data.