NIO May Unveil Interior of ET5 at Chengdu Auto Show

The interior of the NIO ET5 vehicle model may be officially unveiled during the Chengdu Auto Show 2022, during which consumers will be able to experience it for themselves, local automotive media outlets reported on July 20.

The NIO ET5 was displayed at the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area International Auto Show in late May, but the interior was not shown to the public. In terms of appearance, it adopts a similar design to the ET7, but compared with the luxury and elegance of the ET7, the ET5 highlights the sense of strength. The ET5’s headlights are similar to that of the NIO ET7, but highlight a sense of movement.

The body size of the ET5 is 4790x1960x1499 mm and the wheelbase is 2888 mm. To cater to a broader consumer base, NIO offers up to nine body color options for the ET5, among which pink and yellow are exclusive to just this model.

The ET5 boasts an ultra-high-strength steel-aluminum hybrid body with the torsional stiffness up to 34,000 N·m/deg. With an very low gravity center at 482.6 mm and an ultra-wide wheel track of 1,685 mm, the ET5 has achieved a rollover-resistance rating of 1.7.

PanoCinema is the panoramic and immersive digital cockpit in the ET5, featuring AR and VR technologies. NIO has partnered with Nreal, an innovative AR device company, to jointly develop AR glasses exclusive to NIO, which can project an effective screensize of 201-inch at 6 meters. NIO also is collaborating with Nolo to jointly develop NIO VR Glasses, with ultra-thin “Pancake” lenses, realizing a binocular 4K display effect.

The NIO ET5 comes with the latest NIO Autonomous Driving (NAD) technology. With NIO Aquila Super Sensing and NIO Adam Super Computing, the car will gradually achieve a safe and reassuring autonomous driving experience in scenarios such as highways, urban areas, parking and battery swapping.

The model adopts twin-motor four-wheel drive, with a 150kW permanent magnet synchronous motor in front and a 210kW asynchronous induction motor in rear. It can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.3 seconds.

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The ET5’s CLTC range reaches over 550 km with the 75 kWh Standard Range Battery, over 700 km with the 100 kWh Long Range Battery, and over 1,000 km with the 150 kWh Ultralong Range Battery.