NIO ET5 Touring Renames ET5T to Target Mainstream Family Car Market

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology recently released the announcement of the 374th batch of “Road Motor Vehicle Production Enterprises and Product Announcement”, which includes a list of vehicle change expansion products. The relevant information about NIO ET5T model tail badge expansion is included.

NIO officially announced that the model previously named “ET5 Touring” at its launch will now be officially renamed as “ET5T“. In the future, users can choose different styles of rear lettering when purchasing the ET5T.

The official website of NIO has renamed the “ET5 Touring” to “ET5T”. NIO stated that by replacing the model name with ET5T instead of “Touring”, they hope this car will target a larger mainstream family car market, rather than just the niche travel car market.

The NIO ET5 Touring will start delivery from June 16th, with prices starting at 298,000 yuan (41 thousand US Dollar). It claims to be the “world’s first intelligent electric travel car” and features a travel edition design with the roofline extending significantly towards the rear wing. The heavily inclined D-pillar is complemented by a spoiler design and supports optional accessories such as an electric trailer hitch and roof luggage box / rooftop tent.

The dimensions of the new car are 4790/1960/1499mm respectively, with a wheelbase of 2888mm. The wheel size is 19 inches / 20 inches. The trunk has a regular capacity of 450L and a maximum capacity of up to 1300L. Additionally, the longitudinal space in the rear seats reaches 1857mm, while the internal horizontal width in the first row is 1542mm and in the second row is 1498mm.

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In terms of power, the NIO ET5 Touring will adopt the configuration of the ET5 sedan, equipped with a front 150kW induction motor and a rear 210kW permanent magnet/synchronous motor. The total system power is 360kW, with a peak torque of 700N·m. It is built-in with a 75kWh/100kWh battery, and the maximum range can reach up to 710km according to CLTC standard.

The NIO ET5 Touring has been on the market for one and a half months, with sales exceeding 4,500 units. It is expected to reach a wider range of market audiences after the renaming.